Sunday, August 28

Pickle Jar Candles

I've mentioned that I love jars. They're the coolest. They're like, free with your Smuckers purchase and you can reuse them! It's awesome! This project cost me nothing. I used only what I had on hand in my crafting stash, and I KNOW how much my fellow craft sisters hoard, so there's a reeeeeally good chance you've got stuff to make these in your cupboards right now.

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Sunday, August 21

Bonjour! Mug

I know I keep harping on Fall and how it's almost here and I'm so GLAD the heat is nearly over and how excited I am that we're looking at the backside of Summer, but this is my blog and I can repeat myself if I wanna!

One of the best things about cooler weather is that I get to drink hot chocolate like it's going out of style. I drink it almost every evening, from October to March and before you ask, the answer is no, I do not get sick of it.

Part of the fun of hot chocolate is drinking it from a fun mug. Like this, the Bonjour! Mug.

Burt Reynolds a souhaité sa moustache
était si masculin comme cela.
This is a fun, easy and CHEAP project that you can do in no time flat.

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Sunday, August 14

DIY Patio Lights

I've done a few posts already featuring different DIY lighting projects, but this one is a little different. It's EASY. Like, no tools required WHATSOEVER. I give you:

DIY Patio Lights!
 If you already have twinkle lights on hand (and who among us doesn't have a giant ball of tangled twinkle lights in the garage right now?) this project will cost you one dollar, plus tax.

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Thursday, August 11

Thursday Miscellany: The Little Things

Summer is finally slowing down for my family (and it's a good thing, because I am about to collapse) and I'm starting to look forward to all the great things about Autumn. Like cooler weather, watching the leaves change, spending more time in the kitchen, football, holiday dinners, new sweaters... I'm beginning to drool here.

And so, in the spirit of retrospection, this edition of Miscellany is dedicated to some of the little things that have made me immeasurably happy this Summer. Things like my hanging bud vases, which were a STEAL from CB2, by the way.
We grew these from seeds.
Super cool.
This bag of peaches from my lovely neighbor Bob.

Voted Most Likely to Become Cobbler.
 A lazy dog day, which for Dexter is very, very rare.
He didn't even try to lick the camera.
He must be sick.
This new glasses chain that I bought at Dollar Tree. My optometrist has been gently suggesting that I should consider bifocals, because I'm constantly putting on and taking off my reading glasses. Like, CONSTANTLY.

But I'm only 32, dangit!! I've got plenty of miles left on my eyes before they require bifocals! But a glasses chain? With pretty beads? That is a compromise I can make.
I bought several, in assorted colors.
And finally my brother-in-law, who loves to annoy me in small ways that amuse him. For example, at a BBQ we hosted recently, he drew mustaches on all the faces in my Harry Potter 2011 Calendar.
I hate to admit it, but it's actually an improvement.
And how about you? What little things are bringing you happiness today?

Sunday, August 7

I Hope You Kept Your Fat Pants

We all have two sets of clothes: the clothes that fit now, and the clothes that are a size too small that we intend to fit into again someday. Well, I hope you've also got some of your old "fat pants" laying around somewhere, because you're about to need them.

I usually leave the cooking to the professionals over at Where the Hell is My Spatula? but this recipe is too good to keep to myself. And here's the best part: it's embarrassingly easy. Like, your guests will be super-impressed and they'll be begging you for this recipe, TRUST, but you won't want to give it to them because it's so simple it's almost profane.

Desserts this delicious and beautiful should be harder to make! This recipe is so easy and idiot-proof it almost feels like cheating.

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