Thursday, August 11

Thursday Miscellany: The Little Things

Summer is finally slowing down for my family (and it's a good thing, because I am about to collapse) and I'm starting to look forward to all the great things about Autumn. Like cooler weather, watching the leaves change, spending more time in the kitchen, football, holiday dinners, new sweaters... I'm beginning to drool here.

And so, in the spirit of retrospection, this edition of Miscellany is dedicated to some of the little things that have made me immeasurably happy this Summer. Things like my hanging bud vases, which were a STEAL from CB2, by the way.
We grew these from seeds.
Super cool.
This bag of peaches from my lovely neighbor Bob.

Voted Most Likely to Become Cobbler.
 A lazy dog day, which for Dexter is very, very rare.
He didn't even try to lick the camera.
He must be sick.
This new glasses chain that I bought at Dollar Tree. My optometrist has been gently suggesting that I should consider bifocals, because I'm constantly putting on and taking off my reading glasses. Like, CONSTANTLY.

But I'm only 32, dangit!! I've got plenty of miles left on my eyes before they require bifocals! But a glasses chain? With pretty beads? That is a compromise I can make.
I bought several, in assorted colors.
And finally my brother-in-law, who loves to annoy me in small ways that amuse him. For example, at a BBQ we hosted recently, he drew mustaches on all the faces in my Harry Potter 2011 Calendar.
I hate to admit it, but it's actually an improvement.
And how about you? What little things are bringing you happiness today?


  1. I got really excited for cheerios this morning. I thought to myself before I got out of bed.."Oh man, I am going to get up and eat a whole bowl, maybe with some orange juice." So far it has been a good morning. Maybe I will do a little reading later and the book will probably have a vampire in it, maybe a's the small things right?

  2. Yesd. Exactly. And some days (by some days I mean most days), reading trashy novels is just what a girl needs!

  3. I'm all for the trashy novels, cereal and the small things in life that make us happy!
    I'm envious of your peaches from neighbor Bob and I'd like to know what pay back you have in store for your brother? LOL
    I'm doing a giveaway so please stop by!

  4. I recently read (and of course I can't recall the source) that a lot of "small" pleasures do us more good than the occasional "large" pleasure. Something about how all those little lifts keep our hearts a little lighter overall, which is emotionally and spiritually preferable to the bigs highs and big lows. So bring on the peaches!

  5. On the glasses... I recently had my eyes checked and bought a pair of near vision glasses! I love them! Much better than bifocals. When i am at the xomputer or sewing I put those babies on. There is none of that tilting my head back to look thru my bifocals and i have a larger field of vision to work with!

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