Thursday, November 11

jalapeno jelly

It's Veteran's Day, which means there's no school for the Sisters today. It's strange, I don't remember having a day off in the MIDDLE OF THE WEEK when I was in school... It's a bit inconvenient, particularly when Thursday is my grocery day. The kids have little patience for grocery shopping.

But I got them to behave with promises of a walk to the park:

I suppose, though, that having my shopping schedule interrupted is markedly less inconvenient than having been a war veteran. So I'll keep my complaints limited to this little corner which no one reads but me.

In (un)related news, Grama Hammons gave mom a jar of homemade jalapeno jelly, which I subsequently liberated from her posession. I have been been munching Ritz crackers, spread lightly with cream cheese and then spread more liberally with this delicious jelly. Fortunately for me, no one else in the house likes it.

I plan to gain three jalapeno jelly pounds.

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