Monday, September 26

Chalkboard Menus

First of all, this is officially my first new post of Autumn and I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about it as excited as me! I'm celebrating by gorging myself on homemade cinnamon rolls, although that's pretty much how I like to ring in every Monday morning, regardless of the season.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans!

This week's project is a DIY menu chalkboard: 

As ever, the tutorial is after the jump!

Sunday, September 18

Dollar Store Autumn Garland

Alright, so it's almost FALL Y'ALL!! Autumn officially begins this week, although that hasn't stopped me from sweating in my cutest Fall cardigans since September 1st. So I thought it'd be fitting to do a fun, cute, easy and CHEAP project in honor of my favorite season:

More after the jump!

Monday, September 12

No-Sew Burlap Table Runner

This week's project was really easy, really quick, and most importantly really CHEAP.

Burlap table runners (and DIY tutorials to show you how to make one) are pretty easy to come by, but they all require sewing. Which is fine, whatever, I guess. It's not that hard to sew a straight line. But DUDE. Sewing burlap is a pain.

It's very coarse and difficult to handle and it likes to bunch up and be crooked. So I've come up with a no-sew alternative. Dig it:

There it is, peeking out from
behind the creepy Halloween cloth.
Tutorial after the jump!

Sunday, September 4

DIY Hurricane Lamps

Okay, so I know I just did a candle post, but I CAN'T STOP. Seriously, how cute and versatile is this??

And of course, as ALWAYS, the materials are available at the dollar store. Specifically, Dollar Tree. So each hurricane lamp costs $2. I love this kind of adorable, dirt cheap, easily updated decor.

Tutorial after the jump!