Sunday, June 26

Craft Hack: DIY Rustic Chandelier

I know I'm prone to saying this, but I'm saying it again today: This is probably the coolest project I've ever done. It was really fun and surprisingly simple, and the end result is exactly as I'd hoped it would be.

I give you the Rustic Chandelier Knock-Off.
I saw a picture of something similar a few weeks ago and I thought that, while it was really cool and I totally wanted one, the price tag was just a teeeensy bit steep. I mean, it IS really interesting and unique, but dang. This chandelier from Rustic Designs costs $2,800. Yes, that's the correct number of zeros there. Two thousand, eight hundred dollars. That's almost three large for a chandelier made of branches.

Not bloody likely.

I knew I could make something similar, if not exactly the same, for a couple thousand dollars less.

See how I did it after the jump.

Sunday, June 19

Lyric Subway Art

So, we've all seen the subway art. Most of us have some in our homes right now. And with good reason, I mean, it's really cool and retro and it's so versatile! You can personalize it any way you want! And that's what I've done:
What we've got here are some lyrics from the old 70's hippie peace & love song "Get Together" by the Youngbloods. Also, a key. My plan was to make it look very old, very distressed. I wanted to give the impression of an old shop shingle. Did I succeed? I rarely do. But I'm keeping it anyway. After the jump, the tutorial.

Monday, June 13

DIY Glass Doily Cheeseboard

This hardly counts as a project, but I'm not gonna let that stop me from tutorializing it. I mean, look at it. It doesn't get much simpler than this. HOWEVER. I think it turned out nicely:
It's a cutting board/cheeseboard/trivet. SO FUNCTIONAL. Everyone should have a few of these. Here's the deal: it cost a dollar to make. I know, right? How-to after the jump!

Monday, June 6

Craft Hack: Pottery Barn Inspired American Flag

Summer has started for the schoolkids and the 4th of July will be upon us before long. It'll be cookouts and swimming parties for the next few months, so I've begun thinking about some cool seasonal decor that won't break the bank. I love to change the look of my living room according to the season, but I'm much too cheap to spend any money on it. Thank goodness I can always count on Pottery Barn to think of things I can make myself.


This is a great project because of its versatility. Not everyone has $129 to spend on a wooden American Flag, and even if you did, the PB version might be the wrong size. BUT!! A 4x8 foot piece of harwood at your local hardware store is less than $10 and you'll be able to use it for several projects. And honestly, if you've got a garage, there's a good chance you've got some scrap wood laying around already.

Tutorial after the jump!
UPDATE!! This project was featured over on Bella Before & After! Check it out...


Alright, this giveaway is closed, but I've got another lined up that will begin June 27th. Thanks a million to everyone who entered via comments and email. AND NOW FOR THE WINNERS!!

For the pink cake pedestal, Antonia B. who had trouble with the comment section and had to enter via email.

For the green cake pedestal, Annabelle G. who sneaked her entry in at the end.

Congratulations, ladies! I'll be emailing you for your mailing info.

Monday, May 30
Cake Pedestal Giveaway!

Okay, I've never done  giveaway before, so bear with me. It's actually a dual giveaway, so that's pretty boss. What I'm giving away are two brand spankin' new ceramic cake/dessert pedestals, one in pink and one in green:

This is going to be an easy giveaway with very simple terms, so click through to find out the details.