Thursday, April 14

crate night stand

So my husband needs a nightstand. Like REALLY REALLY bad. I have been looking at Craigslist and checking yardsales, but all to no avail. And before anyone thinks to herself, "Surely one could find a reasonably priced nightstand at a thrift store," let me assure you, the thriftstores here are not thrifty. It's depressing. I haven't given up, but in the interim I decided to make one.

Tutorial after the jump!

Friday, April 1

what to do with empty pickle jars?

I don't like to throw away jars. I can't do it. They're so useful and reusable and dishwasher safe! Jars. Love them.

So what do I do with my jars? Mostly I just use them for leftovers, and I've seen some really cute jars used for giving homemade hot chocolate, but I do have a few jar projects around the house. Some, like the one below, are hardly projects at all. "Spray paint lid and fill with assorted tchotchke" is hardly a tutorial:

 These wooden crates were a steal at Joann's Fabrics, by the way. I should have gotten more of them. If you need some, I'd get them now. And don't they stain beautifully??

These hanging jars were another Pottery Barn-inspired project. I don't remember how much PB's' were, but these were free to me, using what I had on hand. Floral wire, river rocks and some long burning emergency candles:

I don't know. Perhaps my jar love is excessive...