Monday, September 12

No-Sew Burlap Table Runner

This week's project was really easy, really quick, and most importantly really CHEAP.

Burlap table runners (and DIY tutorials to show you how to make one) are pretty easy to come by, but they all require sewing. Which is fine, whatever, I guess. It's not that hard to sew a straight line. But DUDE. Sewing burlap is a pain.

It's very coarse and difficult to handle and it likes to bunch up and be crooked. So I've come up with a no-sew alternative. Dig it:

There it is, peeking out from
behind the creepy Halloween cloth.
Tutorial after the jump!

You will need to purchase two items to complete this project, and they will total about $5. This is assuming, of course, you already own scissors and an iron. If you don't, well, you'll need to buy those too.
WHY is this picture sideways?!
 I bought a yard of burlap and a yard of Pellon iron-on fuse from Walmart. Once you have those items, you're all set.
 I cut the Pellon to the size I wanted and then laid it on the burlap. Then I cut the burlap, about two inches wider than the Pellon all the way around. I warmed up my iron on the highest setting and fused the Pellon to the burlap. DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR TABLETOP.

Even if your ironing board is all the way out in the garage and it's a hassle to get to it because there are like, three bikes in the way, take the time to bring it inside. I can say from experience that it is worth the extra effort.

Anyway, when it's all ironed on, trim your burlap a little more nicely, leaving about an inch extra all the way around. I unravled the burlap up to the edge of the Pellon so it would have a cute fringe.

Flip it over, slap it on your table and admire your new burlap table runner! Then begin immediately finding stuff to put on it.

There's a reason everyone's doing these, I realized. Because they are super dang versatile. Here's a nice, neutral look:
Nothing says "neutral" like doilies!

Or, for a more Autumn-like, Thanksgivingy feel, how about large felt pumpkins?


Or, OR!! You could drape some scary black cheesecloth over the whole thing and make it Halloweeny!
Haunted cheesecloth!
Happy DIYing!


  1. aw,those are pretty neat designs. loved the diy :) thanks for sharing.

  2. cute! i like no sew projects!!!

  3. All of these ideas are awesome. I actually love the look of the cheesecloth!!! I am featuring this at Grab my "feature" button.

  4. How cute- I love a no sew project. Thanks for sharing with WorkShop Wednesday!

  5. I'm digging the Halloweeny version!! And yay for no sewing!! I like easy projects!!
    Thanks for linking up to Southern Lovely's Show & Share! We hope to see you tomorrow!


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