Sunday, September 4

DIY Hurricane Lamps

Okay, so I know I just did a candle post, but I CAN'T STOP. Seriously, how cute and versatile is this??

And of course, as ALWAYS, the materials are available at the dollar store. Specifically, Dollar Tree. So each hurricane lamp costs $2. I love this kind of adorable, dirt cheap, easily updated decor.

Tutorial after the jump!

So here's what you need:

A tall glass vase from the dollar store, a glass candlestick from the dollar store, and a tall St. Jude candle (or another saint of your choosing) from, where else, the dollar store. When you bring home your supplies, begin by removing all the stickers and making sure the glass is nice and clean and free from oils.

This will be important for the next step: application of glue. I use E-6000 glue (from Walmart), but if you have a different brand you prefer, more power to you. Just be sure it's meant for adhering to glass.

Flip your vases upside-down and apply a circle of E-6000 in a circle on the center of the bottom. The circle should be the same diameter as the top of your candlestick. You will also trace a circle of glue around that part. I've drawn red circles where the glue should go.

Let the glue cure for a few minutes before you stick the two pieces together. Place your candlestick upside-down on the vase, matching the glue circles together and trying to keep the candlestick centered. Allow to dry for an hour or so.

When you're ready, place the St. Jude candle inside (don't glue it down; you'll want to switch it out when it's burned down) and put cool, seasonally-appropriate stuff in between the vase and the votive.
BOOM. Done. I've filled mine with autumn leaves, but I intend to fill them with candy corn for Halloween time, faux cranberries for Thanksgiving, peppermint sicks for Christmas, seashells in the summer, AND SO ON. These are so easily changed and updated to match the season or your home decor. And they're so simply made and so cool looking! They're also tall, at about 18" when they're assembled, which makes a nice, big impact.

What would you fill them with?? Leave suggestions in the comments!


  1. What a great shape the vases are. They really make the hurricane look special and custom designed.

  2. Nicely done!! I really like the leaves idea.
    I did these last year for Christmas gifts... 3 DIL's... my mom, sister, cousins, aunts... all got them... cheap, cute & they looked expensive.. : )
    I put dollar store rocks on the bottom, added some red berries & then a candle... they all loved them.
    (stopping by from BNOTP )

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing--

  4. Love these! Great idea to put candy corn, etc around the St Jude candle! You're so talented, thanks for the instructions, too!

  5. These turned out really nice. ...Christine

  6. Wow love it! At christmas I would put christmas bulbs in them. Love the candy corn idea.

  7. Those look terrific! :)
    What a great idea1


  8. Good Golly Miss Molly... I thought that you sure found some cute hurricanes at the dollar store... then I saw how you made them. SO very clever of you!!!

    Thanks for joining this Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    @ Bunny Jean's Decor and More!
    (my MAIN blog)

  9. What a fabulous idea, just wish there were Dollar Tree stores in France!

  10. I have to say, I would totally give up dollar tree stores to spend a day in France....Okay, an hour...but that hour would not include being in the airport... OK maybe I would be OK with that too.

  11. These look stunning and thanks for sharing how you made them too

  12. These look great and affordable. Thanks for sharing the how-to's. I'd like to make several sets so I can give a couple pair away and keep a pair. At this price, I can easily do that. I think a visit to the Dollar Tree is in my immediate future.....

  13. Very cute. I have done several and they are so handy. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  14. What a great idea. They look great.

  15. Great idea...and safe! I'm a fan of E 6000 too. I've been gluing glass candlesticks to apothecary jars to make the heights vary.

    I'm your newest follower; found you via Common Ground. :)

  16. Love these! I just made a couple a few weeks ago using the exact same vase and candle stick holder for my daughters room! Don't you love Dollar Tree!!!! Thanks for linking up with us at Show & Share!


  17. Cute! Thanks for the great tutorial. I'm hosting a Fall Craft Challenge on my blog and this week's theme is centerpieces; I would love for you to come play along and link this up!


  18. Love these, what a great idea. I'd love you to grab my button and share the party fun!

  19. Thanks so much for this! I just went today and picked up most everything (they were out of the candlesticks, but is still works for now). They look fabulous!!


  20. I have seen lots of tutorials for this on the web and yours is very easy and clear to understand and I love how you used the st jude candles, after seeing this yesterday, I went out, bought all my supplies and have been making lots of these to decorate my home, I also plan on giving these as gifts, I hope you don't mind but I linked up your tutorial on my post.


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