Wednesday, December 8

quickie: upcycled candle holders

Do you love IBC Cream Soda? Because if you don't I'll drink that for you. Serisously, gimme!!
Sooo delish. Anyway I recently polished off a sixer of these bad boys, almost singlehandedly, and I had all these gorgeous bottles left over. So I trotted off to the Dollar Tree and purchased a bunch of tapers.

See what I made with them after the jump!

They looked silly in the bottles, since they were very long and also too wide at the bottom to fit in the opening. So I turned them upside down and stuck them in the bottles to see where they fit. Then I marked that spot.
And used my trusty steak knife to saw off the candle bottom. I recommend keeping the candles in the wrapper until this is done. You'll have less wax shavings all over the place.
Jam your newly shortened candles into your bottles and POW. Candle holders. I took this picture in my living room, but these were made to go on my patio table. They look great out there, but it's too dark to get a decent picture when they're lit.
Oh yeah, I only used four so I'd have two left over for bud vases in the spring. They might be a good candidate for a faux-mercury glass project I have in mind, too...

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  1. I Love them! Didn't know it, but I do. Thank you!!


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