Tuesday, December 7

dollar store ornaments

Have you seen these birds at the Dollar Tree?? They're awesome:
I grabbed like a ton of them and came right home. I knew where these were gonna go. Since we moved, all  (and I literally mean ALL) of our Christmas decor is gone. GONE. I couldn't tell you where it went, just that it went somewhere that's not here.

See what I made with them after the jump!

So I've had to try and make Christmas from scratch. Cheaply, as I am wont to do. I got our tree from Big Lots for a song and everything on it has been handmade or purchased from the dollar store and gussied up. These birds were going on my tree. Behold. You will need some clothespins (also purchaseable from Dollar tree) and a glue gun.

First, you'll have to wrestle the birds from their packaging. They have little wires coming out of their feet which is great if you're putting them on a wreath or something. I am not. Be careful with them, because the feet want to pull right out of the birds. I used my wire cutters and snipped these little wires off.
Next, I warmed up my glue gun. Itried positioning the birds at different points on the clothespins and I decided that the best place is at the end of the pin, the part you pinch to open them up. This makes it possible to clip the ornaments onto the branch in such a way that most of the pin is hidden.
I also tried different amounts of glue and found that as long as you're not dripping glue everywhere, a little more is better than a little less. It allows you to really squish your little bird feet into the glue and they hold better.

And you're done!

Could these be cuter? They cost me $10 for 20 ornaments, which is fine since I'll be using these for years to come and they're so unique.
Get to the Dollar Tree whydon'tcha??



  1. I love the birds what a smart idea - i sorta did the same thing - very pretty. also; I like that = 'Gussied Up'!

  2. My sisters and I made these with our mom for our Christmas Tree when we were just little girls (only they had extra small twiggy stuff, and tiny holly berries). On my first christmas after I got married both my mom and my mother-in-law gave us ornaments from their trees. My mother-in-law gave me some that my husband made, and a few others, and my mom gave me some that I made with her or at school; now two of those bird ornaments are clipped to my tree every year, and still our my favorites. :) I love that you posted about your's.

  3. Aw, how cool to have ornaments with so much history. I had a couple like that... They vanished in the move. Total Houdini ornaments, they were.


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