Wednesday, July 17

Custom Cake Pedestals

I host a lot of get-togethers with themes and color schemes. And I make a lot of desserts. Like, A LOT. So I like to have fancy pantsy dessert pedestals to display them on. It's my favorite thing, but they can get pricey and it isn't always possible to find exactly the color and size I'm looking for. So what do I do?? I make my own! Easy peasy directions after the jump!!

First things first! Acquire cheap plates and candlesticks. I get most of mine from the dollar store, but thrift stores are a great option because they often have unique vintage patterns and cool candlesticks.

Wash everything well and dry thoroughly, then flip your plate upside down on a flat surface. Apply E-6000 glue to the rim of the candlestick. Wait about 60 seconds, then stick the candle onto the exact center of the underside of the plate. Let it dry overnight. 

Once it's dry, take it outside and place it, still upside-down, onto old newspapers and begin spraying in light, even strokes with your preferred spray paint color until it's evenly covered. Let it dry overnight again, and boom baby!! You've got a new cake pedestal in the perfect shade! I've made like a million of these and they are the best.

And you can use silver candlesticks too! It makes them a bit more formal, right?? 

I also make them in different sizes and stack them to hold cupcakes and petit fours. They hold up well (most of these are more than two years old) as long as you hand wash them, and they're inexpensive enough that it isn't a big deal if they get broken or left behind at a potluck.



  1. These are so pretty! The spray painted ones look straight out of Anthropologie :)

  2. This is such a great idea. I used to work here & there for a caterer, and we'd replace footed cake plates fairly regularly and they are NOT inexpensive!! You can change up the plate SIZE/SHAPE & even the COLOR! Brilliant, and thank you for the numerous photos.

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