Wednesday, October 19

Cozy Sweater Candles

People who know me know that I can't knit. Actually, they probably wouldn't know whether I can or not, since knitting isn't something I talk about with people who know me. Or with anyone, actually. Since I can't knit. Ahem.

But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate lovely cable-knit sweater. And who doesn't, really? I love 'sweater weather' and I defy you to find anyone who doesn't. Sweaters are so rad we use them as weather adjectives.

After all, we don't say 'Bermuda shorts weather' because Bermuda shorts are horrible.

I think I may have gone a bit off the rails there. Anyway, sweaters are awesome, and I've fashioned some little sweaters for my candle holders because candles are awesome too. 

The no-knit tutorial is after the jump!

The first thing you have to do is go through your winter clothes and realize that a lot of your old sweaters don't fit anymore. You'll also need to discover that you can only find one of your cream-colored cable-knit boot socks.

These realizations will depress you a little bit. But you'll soon turn that frown upside down! Because then you're going to realize you have everything you need to make adorable candle sweaters!
 What I did was cut off the sleeves and pull them up around some glass cylindrical hurricanes from the dollar store. Then, that's all. 
 It ain't fancy, but dude. I am nothing if not totally unfancy. My lone boot sock was cut off at the ankle and given the same glass hurricane treatment as the sleeves. At one point I even grabbed some sparkling cider and considered it as a bottle cozy, and I think I may keep it in mind the next time I need a hostess gift.
And I've just reread all of this and realized I spent my afternoon putting bottles into socks, and the thing that alarms me most is how typical that is for me.

Whatever. Sweaters are cool.


  1. Really fun! I like how the light plays off the colors. Definitely a fun project!

  2. Love this! Definitely gives the 'warm and cosy' feeling :)

  3. I love the cozy feel the candles give off :)

  4. Lovely candles! Very innovative.

  5. Fabulous idea! For sure I'll be looking for my lone socks.

  6. Honestly, I'm thinking of just going and buying some funky socks from TJ Maxx and using those. (Of course I just did my closet clean-out...ugh!)


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