Monday, June 6


Alright, this giveaway is closed, but I've got another lined up that will begin June 27th. Thanks a million to everyone who entered via comments and email. AND NOW FOR THE WINNERS!!

For the pink cake pedestal, Antonia B. who had trouble with the comment section and had to enter via email.

For the green cake pedestal, Annabelle G. who sneaked her entry in at the end.

Congratulations, ladies! I'll be emailing you for your mailing info.

Monday, May 30
Cake Pedestal Giveaway!

Okay, I've never done  giveaway before, so bear with me. It's actually a dual giveaway, so that's pretty boss. What I'm giving away are two brand spankin' new ceramic cake/dessert pedestals, one in pink and one in green:

This is going to be an easy giveaway with very simple terms, so click through to find out the details.

I dunno what the color settings are on your monitor so I'll describe them as well as I can. This one is a pretty powder pink/ivory white combo. Think cotton candy or Mariah Carey.

See? Pretty.

The other (which is my personal favorite of the two) is an apple green/off-white color combo. There's also an interesting basketweave pattern detail around the edge of the top of the pedestal.

These are larger than they appear, too. Both of the pedestals have roughly a 10inch diameter (the perfect size for a birthday cake) and are about 5 inches tall. Really cool vintage vibe. These are food safe but not dishwasher safe. Hand wash only.

How To Enter:

I'm not terribly fond of jumping through hoops to enter a giveaway, and it frankly seems like a lot of work to check up on people's entries here, on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, and wherever else , so here's what we'll do:

Just leave a comment below using a unique email address (no using the same address 10 times; if you have more than one valid email address you can use them all, I don't care) and let me know which color you prefer, pink or green. I'll put you in the drawing for that particular pedestal.

I'll keep this open until Sunday night at 12:00 EST (I'm on the west coast
myself, but there's no way I'm staying up until midnight). I'll do two drawings using a random number generator and report the winners on Monday, June 6.

Ready? GO!


  1. Pink please! I have a baby shower coming up and thia is perfect.

  2. I have two emails, soooo heres one...

    for GREEN

  3. One more for the pink. Do you have a etsy store?

  4. @Cadie Did:

    No Etsy store just yet. I'm considering it though...

  5. Hmmm no love for green? I think the green one is the rpettier one.

  6. I like the green.

  7. I like the green.

  8. love the green :) thanks for sharing!

    I'm so excited.


  10. YAY :) Thank you I love it and it will look perfect on my kitchen :)

  11. I'm a dusty old dog lady who just happened on your blog through French Country Cottage. It's about time someone did some crafty knock-offs or hacks (?). Good job, Melody! I love Dexter. Reminds me of my boxers growing up so if you don't mind I am going to paint his picture.

  12. @ean

    You're too sweet. Dexter would be FLATTERED if you painted him, and I'd love to see a snapshot of it if you do!

    Crafty Butt


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