Tuesday, December 7

spare canvas project

So yesterday I posted this PB knock-off tutorial. In the process, I was left with an extra 18x24 canvas. Waste not want not, I always say (I never say this). So without further ado, I present my Spare Canvas Project!!
Tutorial after the jump!

 Once again, I dusted off the old Artograph Tracer and took to the internets, this time to find pictures of birds sitting on telephone wires. I don't know why I chose that exactly, but there you are.
I pretreated the canvas with some of my beloved Minwax Wood Sheen in Colonial Walnut, which I thinned with water and applied with a sponge brush. I dabbed it with a paper napkin while it was still wet to create the mottled and distressed effect.

Then I projected the birds onto the canvas with the Tracer and outlined them with a pen. The telephone wires I added after the fact using a yardstick so that I could ensure the lines were very straight.

 Finally, I painted over the pen marks with a black acrylic paint marker and waited for it to dry. This took like, 30 whole minutes, which was the longest part of the entire process. I love the result.

I apologize at the lack of Behind the Scenes photos of the process, but this project was a total whim and I didn't expect it to turn out anyway. I promise that you don't really need pictures though. It's TOO easy to create.


  1. Thanks for visit'n my blog. I'm glad you like my glode lamp. I love your birds on a wire, what a great gift that would be for someone...like my dad. Hmmm, as an artist do you think it would be cheating if I got my self one of those projectors, I think that's going on my Christmas list.;)

  2. love this.. So simple but nice outcome ;)

  3. I really think that this art work is very clever and just beautifully simple to look at and make. Well done


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