Friday, December 3

christmas candy shoppe

So I have about a million of these mini apothecary jars. I use a few in the bathroom: The vintage pharmacy labels are from The Graphics Fairy. Just printed them out and podged them on. Easy peasy. And there's a tutorial for the apothecary jars from Dollar Store Crafts. If you've got a tube of E-6000 glue, you've got everything you need. Yeah, two bucks apiece. Awesome. They're too easy and too cute.

And I'm sure to keep a few on hand to fill with treats and give away for those last-minute hostess gifts or birthday presents that always seem to slip my mind. Tie them with a bow and you've got a sweet little gifty.

But my favorite use for these guys is my tiny little candy shop. I put several on a shelf and fill them with seasonal candy:
I know a shelf full of candy is risky with kids around, but believe it or not, they almost don't even see it anymore. Guests love it, it's adorable, and it changes easily through the seasons. I filled them with candy corn and mini Hershey's during October, and those little candy pumpkins during Thanksgiving. Summer will find them bursting with Skittles and Red Vines.
What's that? Oh, yes, I suppose I do need to dust. Rude of you to mention it, though.

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