Monday, November 15

sicky monday

Had a wonderful weekend. Grama O and Aunt Cin came down from San Diego and spent a couple days. It's always so great to see them.

This Monday finds me sick as a dog. This morning I went to the store for some Sudafed, but had to spend thirty minutes wandering around until the pharmacy opened. These meth labs have made buying cold medicine terribly inconvenient.
I'm not feeling up to eating much, but I've nevertheless choked down a Special K bar. I have found that eating from paper doilies rather then plain old napkins is fun. My toast is so fancy nowadays!
I've also opened a small bag of dried fruit to leave on the counter, hoping it prompts me to snack. With luck, by the end of the day nothing will be left in the dish but the nuts, which I wouldn't even eat if I was feeling fantastic.

While I was waiting to buy my Sudafed, I found a little bikini that I think will fit Darby next summer. It was only $1, so I HAD to.

Speaking of great deals, the kids found a set of these hillbilly novelty teeth at the Dollar Tree, and I'm convinced they're the most fun that can be had for a dollar plus tax.

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